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Emily Reineke

Jacob's Well

June 9, 2018


Photos courtesy of Eddie Souaid


Imagine. Impress. Inspire. Through the arts, students have the ability to imagine a world outside of their everyday lives. The arts are used as a vessel of self expression, education, and creative thinking that we don't always see utilized in a classroom setting. We use the arts to create a community filled with exploration, engagement, and of course, talent. Through the arts, we use our expression to impress our audiences, and to help engage them in the power of storytelling. After capturing the attention of those around us, we use the arts to spread messages of hope, understanding, and healing. We use the arts to inspire others to listen and empathize. We use the arts to empower ourselves and those around us, so that students of all ages can see the value in their story and the stories of others. Join ReThink Theatrical in empowering the next generation of creative minds, and help us to develop richer, more empathetic lives.







2000 Rt. 27 
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

STAGES: a Legacy in Revue was held at a beautiful building in North Brunswick called "The 27." This building is owned by Jacob's Well, a church that also believes in accessible, community art. They have generously donated their space so that we may share the joys of musical theatre to our communities. 

Our mission as a community is simple and reflects some of the central ideas of Jesus. It reflects his commands for us to love God and our neighbor, as well as his sending his people to share good news with all people.

Dancers leaping


Marissa Aucoin

Acting in Motion: Creating Physical Characters

with Marissa Aucoin

As an actor, we are often told that we need to make “choices”, but what does that mean exactly? In this workshop, students will investigate movement as a tool for amplifying character choices. How can the body support and inform the choices you are making as an actor? How would a villain move differently from a hero? Together we will explore our individual movement preferences and work to develop and embody other physical characters.

Danielle Durso

How to Present Your Best Self at the Dance Audition

with Danielle Durso

Is it your first time going to a dance audition? Or are you a pro at the dance audition, but still need some tips and tricks to make yourself stand out? In this workshop, students will learn how to present the best version of themselves at the dance audition by understanding different processes, how to build confidence amongst mess-ups, and what details are most important to showcase. In this workshop we will work together to become more acquainted with all aspects of the dance audition. Available classes for the technically trained dancer and the non-dancer.

Julianna Pica

The Toolkit for New Dancers: Learning New Styles and Leaving Your Comfort Zone

with Julianna Pica

Have you always loved to dance but never had the chance to take any classes? Do you sometimes think you don’t know how to move in your own body? In this workshop, students will discover their physical comfort zone and how to leave it.  Students will be introduced to several dance styles, technical vocabulary, and techniques to get them more comfortable as dancers. Styles to be covered include an introduction to ballet, jazz, and tap, no previous dance experience or dance shoes are required.

Joey Braccino

DIY Theatre: Storytelling Through Creative Design

with Joey Braccino

We all want to make our shows look like a big Broadway spectacular without having the big Broadway budget. Students taking this workshop will be introduced to current trends in production and technical design that incorporate everyday objects and materials to create imaginative landscapes and scenes. Through hands-on experience, students will work together to actually design and construct original scenes!

Kason Jackson

Nailing That [Singing] Audition

with Kason Jackson

As performers, we are always faced with the dreaded audition process before snagging the role that we want. Many things can get in the way of a successful audition, such as nerves or lack of knowledge of what to do in the "audition room." In this workshop, students will be provided with tips to ensure confidence and poise throughout the audition process. We will touch on everything from building your resume, songs to sings, quickly assessing new music to a mock audition. Students are encouraged but not required to bring an audition song. Students will also have the opportunity to learn a short group song, so bring your energy and voices!

Emily Reineke


Special Events Coordinator

​Emily Reineke is a current graduate student at New York University pursuing a Master's in Performing Arts Administration. She holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, where she also served as the Original Play Festival Coordinator and Producer of Cabaret Theater. With experience in event planning (Cabaret Theater, Kirkpatrick Choir), general management (New York Musical Festival), and performance (Cabaret Theater, ReThink Theatrical).

Emily is excited to use this background to help bring innovative and artistic events to the ReThink Theatrical company. Emily is a firm believer in the power of theatre as an educational and inspirational tool for everyone, and is elated to work with a company with these same values.

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