ReThink Theatrical provides free and accessible storytelling to local communities.

With an educational and creative approach, we produce professional quality theater for everyone.


ReThink Theatrical is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Accessible theater since 2015.

ReThink Theatrical was founded in 2015, with the mission to produce theater on a zero-dollar budget. After experiencing unprecedented outpourings of support from our audiences season after season, we’ve expanded to producing theater on a limited budget with the generous, optional donations given to us at our events, and adding a Board of Trustees committed to this mission. This model allows us to provide free theater to those who cannot afford it, and to work in partnership with local communities to create professional quality theater for the public.



Dignity. Respect. Pay what you wish.

We believe that the cost of theater and local art is a critical hurdle to achieving equity in art, and to providing storytelling to everyone. As a result, ReThink Theatrical will never charge an entrance fee for our productions, and operates on a “pay-what-you-wish” model.


Content. Location. Art for you.

Beyond cost, other factors, such as language, ability, location/transportation, time investment, and familiarity with content, all play a role in the reception and enjoyment of a story. ReThink Theatrical works to maximize access to all audiences by creating its productions from square one with the audience in mind.


Reflect. Represent. Engage.

ReThink Theatrical engages with local people and partners, providing quality storytelling that attracts local residents and reflects community values. This happens by choosing strategic locations, content, and partnerships that will provide the largest group of local people with free theater. ​


Learning for all.

Theater can teach something to everyone! We offer relatable stories, workshops, outreach programs, and partnerships with academic institutions to help inspire others to learn more about art and more about one another. ​



Refine. Build. Stretch. Together.

ReThink Theatrical works with its company & production staffs, performers, and artists to develop a professional culture of inclusivity, teamwork, and education through the process of storytelling. We strive to help artists of every discipline refine the craft, build their portfolios, and stretch their professional limits as they work within our mission of accessible theater.


ReThink Theatrical

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