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Weaving Stories Together

November 2021

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ReThink Theatrical presents Anansi’s Story Festival, a family-friendly theatrical production that explores and celebrates myths, folktales, and legends from around the world. Our emcee and Storyteller-in-Chief, Anansi the Spider, will guide you through this journey—weaving the stories together before your eyes. 


Anansi is a character from Akan folktale, most often taking the form of a spider, who above all things is a master storyteller that explains the world around us. But this spider is just the beginning of our story—more characters and tales await you! 


This world premier will be designed and performed by a group of Middlesex County artists of many backgrounds and artistic expressions. You may stumble upon an actor, a dancer or a singer. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll find a painter, a poet, or a juggler! This creative team of artists will adapt and honor stories from their own cultural perspectives. 


This immersive and environmental production embraces and explores an open-space venue while complementing the timelessness of these classic tales. Audience members will roam and discover spontaneous, joyful, mysterious, and enticing characters from cultures around the world. Set in the crisp November air, this experience will be like none other. 


As always, ReThink Theatrical produces free and accessible theater to the public. Although we suggest a $10 donation, we operate on a pay-as-you-wish model. Ticketing and other information is coming soon. Performances will be held in the Piscataway, NJ area. 



Applications are due July 30 at 5pm EDT

ReThink Theatrical is looking for a Production Staff to bring life to folktales, myths, and legends with Anansi’s Story Festival. We are accepting applications for a Creative Team (10 members), a Stage Manager, and a Technical Director. See below for roles and responsibilities, along with frequently asked questions. Production dates are in early November of 2021 and rehearsals start as soon as mid-August. Applications close July 30 at 5 pm EDT. 


Anansi’s Story Festival is a devised and immersive theatrical production, meaning it is created by the people who will perform it and encourages audience members to explore their surroundings. The performance explores myths, folktales, and legends that are inspired by Middlesex County’s rich cultural diversity. Each of these stories are woven together by our host, Anansi the Spider. The performance will be devised and performed by a team of artists, representing Middlesex County and all its intersectionality. The Creative Team will embody a mix of media forms and will work collaboratively to envision, design, create, and perform this interdisciplinary piece. The Production Staff will include a Stage Manager and Technical Director, who will ensure the ideas of The Creative Team are actualized.

While ReThink Theatrical is welcoming of all people to apply, we encourage people of color, women, disabled people, and LGBTQ+ people to apply. Because on-site work will be required, staff and artists should be within driving distance of Piscataway, NJ. While ReThink Theatrical consists entirely of volunteers, we are offering stipends to these positions (see details).


Creative Team

The Creative Team will comprise 10 artists from the Middlesex County area who represent a range of race, ethnicity, gender, abilities, and artistic media. The Creative Team will act as the writers, directors and performers to bring this 90 minute, devised theatrical experience to life from conception to performance.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager will be responsible for organizing the Creative Team and Production Staff throughout the production process. This will include creating and maintaining the production schedule, communicating between the Creative Team and Production Staff, and keeping detailed information about the production.

Technical Director

The Technical Director will be responsible for bringing to life the technical aspects of the show including scenery, lighting, and sound. This may include purchasing construction materials, supervising Load-In, and the building of scenery depending on the design of the Creative Team. 



What's this show all about?

Anansi’s Story Festival is a family-friendly theatrical production that explores myths, folktales, and legends from around the world. Our emcee and Storyteller-in-Chief, Anansi the Spider, will guide you through this journey--weaving the stories together before your eyes. We need creative people, like yourself, to participate with us! Please consider applying to be a part of the magic.

Will there be auditions?

This show is unique because the Creative Team will be the designers, directors, and performers throughout the process. Anyone wanting to participate simply needs to fill out an application and include some of your personal works that shows off your creativity. Certain applicants may be interviewed by ReThink’s Artistic Council and staff, but no open auditions will be held.

How do I apply?

Fill out our application form for any role that you’re interested in, and yes, you can select more than one! If you’re applying for the Creative Team, we ask that you upload a portfolio or something that showcases your creative work (i.e., a photo, a video, a sound clip, a written piece, etc.).

What is the time commitment?

This varies by role, but generally we will meet on a weekly basis, in-person, from mid-August until the performances in early November 2021. Rehearsals/meetings may be between 2-3 hours and will be scheduled based on the availability of the team. Some virtual meetings may take place during the week, as needed. Some roles, such as the Technical Director, may not need to join the process until later in September.

Do I need to travel?

Yes. All meetings/rehearsals will take place at in Piscataway, NJ (venue TBA). That being said, we ask that all applicants have some type of transportation to and from the venue on a weekly basis. The staff will need to have access to a mobile device, computer, or tablet for document sharing and virtual meetings.

Are stipends available?

Yes! While ReThink typically operates on a volunteer basis, we have stipends for these positions. See the roles descriptions (above) for more information.

What if I don’t have a portfolio, a website, or anything to showcase?

Consider capturing your original art / craft before the application deadline. You’re welcome to email the Director of Artistic Planning, Thomas Young, at for any questions. We’re happy to try and work within your needs and timeline.

What roles are currently available?

We are currently accepting applications for a Stage Manager, a Technical Director, and our ten Creative Team members. You can learn more about these roles by clicking the links here or seeing above.

What if I don’t want to perform?

For this production, we are committed to hiring creatives/artists who are excited to bring their own work to life. Even if you are not used to performing, we encourage you to apply and hope to help all Creative Team members become more comfortable creating and performing!

What if I’ve never created my own art before?

We believe everyone has the potential to be an artist! Maybe you haven’t written a play or choreographed a dance piece, but perhaps you’ve tried your own recipe, prepared a toast, or crafted a fun Halloween costume. We encourage you to apply and try something new!





More coming soon!

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