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Spring 2021




Join us this spring as we broadcast stories about technology, futurism, and science fiction in a series of short “radio” shows. These adapted tales will be developed and produced by small creative teams as they explore storytelling techniques in sound, dialogue, music, and foley art. ReThink Theatrical will perform these in front of small, socially distanced audiences and through online streaming. The audio recordings will also be shared in the form of podcasts. This series is a return to one of the staples of 20th Century fiction media—the radio play—while also maintaining a focus on the future.

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Come make stories with us!

Video submissions are due Friday April 23rd at 9:00pm EDT (extended deadline).

Fill out the form by clicking the button below.


ReThink is looking to cast five 20-minute radio plays, which will be produced as live theater, podcast recordings, and live streamed via Facebook and YouTube.

Actors of all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to audition. Our staff will work with cast members to learn more about the art of voice acting and foley (storytelling through sound effects) throughout the rehearsal process.


While ReThink Theatrical is welcoming of all people to get involved with our productions, we encourage people of color, women, disabled people, and LGBTQ+ people to audition. ReThink consists of volunteers, but we will soon introduce a way for those who are cast to apply for a small stipend that can be used to cover costs associated with participating in the production.

At the end of the form, you will be asked to submit a 30-60 second video recording of yourself performing a comedic or dramatic monologue. Auditions do *not* need to be memorized. The content of the piece is your choice (theater, TV, radio plays, or storytelling podcasts are all good choices), but it should primarily highlight your vocal tone, quality, color, and range. If you are not able to submit your 30-60 second piece directly to this form or if you have any questions about joining the cast, please email

Important Dates/Information to Remember:

  • Callbacks will be held on April 24th via Zoom. More details to come. 

  • Some actors may be asked to perform in multiple plays. We are not asking for play preference at this time. 

  • Rehearsals will begin the week of April 25th and will take place via Zoom. We will do our best to schedule around your availability, but rehearsals will typically be in the evenings and may be up to 3-4 times per week, depending on the director's needs and the availability of other cast members.

  • Tech week is required for all cast members. It will take place the week of May 31st and will be held in person.

  • Live, socially-distant performances will be June 4-6 and June 11-13 in Piscataway, NJ. 

  • Actors are expected to have access to a computer or smartphone with video camera, microphone, and internet access. We will ask all actors to download Zoom and Slack to their computer and/or smartphone for communications and virtual rehearsals. 

  • Actors must be able to travel to tech week rehearsals and performances, and should feel comfortable performing outdoors with other people. ReThink Theatrical is committed to following all CDC guidelines to ensure safe and responsible experiences for all participants. 

Once you submit an audition, you should receive a confirmation email. Thank you for your application!

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[zombie noises]

by: Katie Siegel

Things go awry at a high school science fair when a student’s project goes haywire and turns attendees into mindless zombies. Gabrielle Harris, a type-A, A-plus student whose machine caused the event, and Andi Elbaum, a joking slacker who entered the fair solely for extra credit,  escape unscathed. Told through a series of audio files uncovered by government agents, the two students have to work through their differences to survive the zombie outbreak.

The Midnight Stretch

by: Amir Gad

Welcome to The Midnight Stretch, a bi-nightly talk show with no concrete topic until you call in! When a mysterious and expressive guest turns the discussion to UFOs, host Chris “Stretch” Moseley is taken by the ear. Tune in for one wild night of truth, belief, noise, and the impending doom of control.

The Opening

by: Matt DeMiller

When Terry and Sam wake up to find a hole to another dimension floating in their living room, they’ll have to hold together the pieces of their relationship long enough to figure what to do: let the hole shrink itself away, or go all in for the glory.

Bjorn Again

by: Hannah M'Lynn

The Grim Reaper is bored—and rightfully so. In the year 2325, the human race has all but transcended death. New technology has allowed for the extension of human life well past what was once considered a “natural” lifespan, and the need for cemeteries is as extinct as climate change, plague, and student loan debt. After a freak accident grants him the title of “first human to die in 100 years,” Bjorn Radsted is in for a surprise when Death herself comes to personally reap his soul.

The Record

by: Elisabeth Graham

When an old man receives a gold-plated record from outer-space, he discovers that the return address is from his deceased wife of 10 years. Wanting to believe that she has taken one last opportunity to make amends, he invites his estranged daughter over to listen to the final message. What they hear is more mysterious than they ever could have imagined.

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