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Staging Sleepy Hollow: From Outline to Outdoors

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Celine Dirkes

Devised, immersive, and site-specific. These three theatre terms mean three very different things, but they all apply in equal measure to ReThink Theatrical's Sleepy Hollow.

I sat down for a quick interview with Natasha Sydor, Sleepy Hollow's producer to find out a little more about what these terms mean, and what they have to do with this spooky October spectacle.

As the producer, Natasha handles the technical aspects of the production, while Director Melissa Gabilanes takes on the artistic side.

Natasha's concerns included figuring out how to make the show run in all types of weather--afternoon or evening--plus making sure that, despite its unique setting, the show can be enjoyed by patrons with all levels of mobility (Theatre for Everyone!)

Check out this brief video to get more insight into what it means for a show to be devised, immersive, and site-specific, and to learn how Natasha guided this production from outline to outdoors.

Want to get tickets for Sleepy Hollow? Maybe sign up to help as a volunteer? You can always learn more at

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