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Up-cycling an Old Classic

by Allie Kroeper (Assistant Stage Manager | Macbeth)

April 4, 2018

Dancers in Macbeth

If you think Shakespeare is boring, then you are very wrong. Macbeth in particular is a masterpiece of swinging swords, supernatural subterfuge, and bloody betrayal. The beauty of theater is that every interpretation of a classic is as original as its very first opening.

Bringing together the two brilliant minds of Genevieve Hoeler and Marissa Aucoin, MFA, ReThink Theatrical once again brings innovative, accessible theater to the Central Jersey community.​

This production of the Scottish play incorporates elements of recycling and modern dance to paint a terrifying picture of the Butcher Tyrant and his Fiend-like Queen.

​When Genevieve was asked to direct Macbeth just some months ago, she was moving into her apartment and noticed something a little scary. Not only were there boxes everywhere, but she realized she kept wanting more things. “I have this bookcase, but I need more books to fill it….Now I have too many books, so I need a second bookcase….Now I need more books for that second bookcase….Now I need an entertainment system to hold my TV. Well, my TV that I still need to get.” She drew the parallels between her own experience and Macbeth’s. Just as she was accumulating boxes and plastic bubble wrap and packing peanuts, Macbeth accumulates bodies. Therefore, many of the set pieces will be composed of recyclable materials to drive home the point of how there is so much pollution and plastic in the world that the ocean floor is literally sinking*, and climate change is whirring at an alarming pace, and Macbeth kills too many people -- but still not more than the amount of turtles killed by soda six-pack rings -- and we all just need to stop!

Well, this is depressing. I’ll move on to dance then!

Marissa gracefully leads a team of witches and spooks to drive home Genevieve’s trash/greed/decadence vision. If you’ve never seen modern dance before, then this is your chance! Marissa’s dance elements push the story forward in unique and exciting ways. I’ve been to many rehearsals, and these ghouls do a fabulous job of being truly creepy. Even Macbeth cowers at the sight of them.

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