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June 4-6 and 11-13

We broadcasted stories about technology, futurism, and science fiction in a series of short “radio” shows. These adapted tales were developed and produced by small creative teams and explored storytelling techniques in sound, dialogue, music, and foley art. ReThink performed these in front of small, socially distanced audiences and through online streaming. The audio recordings will be shared later in the form of podcasts. This series was a return to one of the staples of 20th Century fiction media—the radio play—while also maintaining a focus on the future.

Performances were held at East Jersey Old Town Village in partnership with Middlesex County Office of Arts & History.  

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Fall 2021

Anansi is a spider, who above all things is a master storyteller. He has many different stories told about him, often as a way of explaining the origin of things such as why spiders are shaped the same way or how wisdom was shared around the world. Anansi invites you to join him in his Story Festival this fall, where he will weave together folklore, myths, tales, stories, and legends into a journey around the world. These adapted stories will be developed and produced by small creative teams and will be performed in front of small, socially distanced audiences and/or through online streaming, depending on the state of the pandemic. This festival is a celebration of Middlesex County and a reflection of its rich and diverse cultures and communities. 




For us. By us. About us.

We have restructured the Artistic Director position and created, in its place, a self-governed Artistic Council. In years past our theatrical season was chosen by one or two people in key positions of power.  In 2021, the shows we produce will be decided on by a cohort of incredible artists from many walks of life and diverse artistic specialties. These folks are working together to choose stories that best represent the experiences of our direct community - Middlesex County. The power to choose what stories we tell each year no longer belongs to one or two people - it belongs to a group of creative people who know the county we live in, and seek to serve those needs first.

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