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ReThink Theatrical

Lewis Carroll's Books

Thomas Young

The Rutgers Gardens

July 21-22 and 28-31, 2016

learn more about how we made this classic

Lewis Carroll piece into accessible theater. 


Photos courtesy of Justin Jajalla Photography







112 Ryders Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Rutgers Gardens is a self-sustaining operation and relies on visitor support. Funds for maintaining the Gardens, purchasing equipment and materials, supporting salaries, and providing public programs are raised through facility rental fees, special events, membership dues and donations from our generous supporters.  Rutgers Gardens is one of the few botanical gardens in the country that does not charge a visitor’s fee and is open 365 days a year.

Tweede dee whispering to woman


Alice’s Sister / Selina Garcia
Dancing Flower /  Alex Albanese 

Dancing Flower / Mary Berko

Dancing Flower / Kelly McCarthy

Dancing Flower / Gabriella Scerbo
Mad Hatter / Dan Conroy
March Hare / Craig Dilliplane
Dormouse / Julianna Pica
Duchess / Matthew Finnerty
Duchess’s Cook / Allie Kroeper
Caterpillar / Mary Gismonde
Cheshire Cat / Oren Merhav
Dodo Bird / Mendel Teitelbaum
Humpty Dumpty / Kim Bollard
White Knight / Leo Weismantel
White Queen / Julia Ferris
Queen of Hearts / Shayna Carney
King of Hearts / Ryan Morey
Cards / Alexander Lee 
Tweedle Dee / Dan Robertson
Tweedle Dum / Andy Martinez



​Director / Thomas Young
Assistant Director / Joe Ciampi 
Stage Manager / Ajit J. Mathews
Environment Coordinator / Heather Tedesco
Personnel Coordinator / Justin Luckenbaugh 
Set Designer / Jacob Gershel 
Costume Designer / Michelle Zeliph 
Narrative Experience Coordinator / Jordan Bonner 
Rabbit Staff Coordinator / Krystina Matos